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Delphine Willemot

Delphine Willemot

Universiteit Gent

Period of mobility : 23/09/2011 – 23/12 /2011

Level in french : advanced


Your motivations participating in an  exchange programme at Paris Descartes University/Faculty of dental surgery :

First of all, as a Dental student, I thought the exchange program would allow me to learn to work in different and innovative ways. Apart from that I was hoping to improve my French. And last but not least I wanted to meet new people from all around the world.

A few words about your Erasmus stay in Paris ?

When I arrived in Paris they appointed me to another student, who would take care of me and show me around… But since she wasn’t in the same grade as me, I barely ever saw her. Two weeks after my arrival I got a real introduction and got to know the other exchange students.

I stayed at the Cité Universitaire, where I got to know people from all around the world (Italy, USA, Canada, Spain, China…). And I’m planning on staying in touch with them. So from a social point of view the exchange program was a very enriching experience.

Apart from learning some slang and professional dental vocabulary, I don’t feel my French has improved a whole lot. But then again, I was quite fluent in French when arriving in Paris.

Since I only had to work for 2 days a week, I had a lot of free time on my hands to go and wander in the beautiful streets of Paris. And only having to wake up at 6 am two days a week to go working, made it possible for me to enjoy the nightlife as well.


A few words about your experience at the Faculty of dental surgery and at the dental centre of Colombes? 

In the hospital I was free to do as I pleased. I had to look for patients myself. Sadly, none of the teachers spoke English well enough to explain stuff to me when my French vocabulary was insufficient. I felt very lost at times and I would’ve liked to have at least one other exchange student with me in the hospital. But all-in-all I had the opportunity to do things I wouldn’t have the chance to do in Ghent. And luckily French people are really nice in general. The entire hospital staff and most of the pupils went out of their way trying to make me feel at home.


What would you like to tell french students who are considering going on exchange to your home university?

Do come! Ghent is a beautiful small historical city in between Bruges and Brussels. It’s only a 2 hour train ride away from Paris, London and Amsterdam. Apart from it’s beautiful medieval city centre, it’s also known as the biggest “student city” in Flanders, which is very promising for the nightlife… (especially if you like Belgian Beer). Culinary wise we may not have as much to offer as the French cuisine, but man, do we know how to make chocolate, waffles and French fries! And though our first language is Flamish (a Dutch dialect), everyone speaks English and French as well.

And from a dental point of view: we only just redid the entire dental clinic, so the infrastructure is top of the bill. And we’re part of a very big hospital, which allows us to work with special patients under special circumstances.